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"Steak salad is to die for! Qwesome house dressing! Nervous to try greek style, but it was awesome and quality is always guaranteed! Give these guys a try, you wont regret it! Chicken is amazing too!! Best in Frederick and great pricing! Call ahead for lunch, so u dont have to wait!"


"Best greek food and best locally owned restaurant in Frederick. I'm so happy they have survived the pandemic so far. The food here is always so fresh. I've ordered food from Greek Aroma more than FIFTY times and only one time was the sauce ever seasoned incorrectly, that's how good and consistent they are. The pita is always cooked perfectly and the lamb is always delicious. Baklava is on point!"


"Went here the first time based on reviews and got gyro platter per recommendation. Holy cow this food was the bomb! I’ve been craving for the German fast food called “doner kebab” I’m still in the hunt for one and hope I can find something similar in Frederick. But the gyro platter does the trick!"


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